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Smay-Jak Meditation

Instructor: Acharya KartikayLanguage: Hindi and English

About the course

In the era of fast-paced life, we hardly have time for our own selves and we have enormous pressure to be productive. Productivity is linked to creativity, but if one is exhausted and stressed, how can he be productive ?

As per the stats, in order to maintain your productivity and creativity level, it is necessary to take a 20 minutes break from work and go on a “mental vacation”. Mental vacation here means to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the most relaxing, beautiful and serene place that you can, this is also referred to as visual meditation - Dharna.

Talking on medical terms, this practice actually reduces the levels of stress hormones secreted into the cardiovascular system resulting in the reduction of stress and exhaustion.

This 15-20 min journey, not only sharpens the ability to think and reason, but also increases your productivity many times over.

The main aspect here is to imagine all the sensory experiences and to feel the way you would if you were on an actual trip. But how to do that ?  Well !!! That’s what we are here for.

We are here to guide you and help you, not only that, we are with you in the complete practice.


Lets see an example here, where you are at the beach (Yes, that would be awesome, if not real let's have an imaginative journey). On the journey, you have to smell the ocean water, feel the dirt on your feets and hands, hear the sounds of the surf hitting up against the shore, see the horizon where the water meets the sky and taste the bitterness of water. 


I know, by this time most of you must be saying this practice as a waste of time and unnecessary luxury. The time spent is not the ‘lost’ time, but the most effective utilization which will boost your productivity, capacity and creativity, the peace of mind and calmness to enjoy your work. If 20 mins is too long for you, a 10 mins will also work, go and check out our just 5 mins relaxation session here. 

We know you don’t have time for this, that is why we have the special feature where we make you do this, we are along with you working and to make you do. 



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